Basic Early signs of Illness
The following are the signs of illness which could indicate serious problems. If noticed any of these following symptoms, we advise you to call a veteran for consultation.

Seem very tired and sluggish.
Has trouble in urinating or urinating more than normal , might have urinary infection.
Scooting or dragging her back on the floor.
Drinking too much water than usual
Will not eat or misses more than 2 meals.
Eats too much but losing weight.
Drooling (flowing of excessive saliva from the mouth).
Gums are red or swollen.
A good amount of discharge from eyes or they are red and squinting a lot.
Gasping short of breath.
Flinches or whimpers when touched.
Coat is dull or rough.
Sneezes or coughs repeatedly.
Coughs or vomits up blood.
 Extreme Illness conditions – Must be consulted by a veteran immediately
Dehydrated body and shivering ( Pinch the skin at the back of her neck. If it doesn't return back in place quickly, she might be dehydrated. Another sign of dehydration is dry or tacky gums.)
Gums are pale, white or blue.
Faints or collapses
Has a seizure or convulsion.
Has become overheated.
Abdomen is enlarged.
Unable to use the back legs.
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