Puppy Weaning
At Kannis™ we are dedicated to providing a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet for dogs. Kannis™ Puppy Weaning is a hypoallergenic food formulated to provide the entire daily nutritional requirement for your dog.

Whether a newborn puppy is fed by his own mother or by his owner, he must eventually be taught to depend on something besides milk for his food. The transition or the changing of diet from liquid to solid is called "weaning".

During their early stages of growth and development, puppies have extremely high energy levels and much more complex nutritional needs - to grow up smart and strong - when compared to adult dogs.

Taking this into consideration, we have designed Kannis™ Natural Puppy Weaning, a nutrient-rich whole food formula to ensure: optimal energy, muscular growth, healthy skin, coat and teeth and brain growth that is vital to cognitive development for training and new learning. This product contains only the highest quality, hypoallergenic natural ingredients, including real chicken meal and essential ‘healthy fats’ such as DHA, which is normally found only in mothers’ milk.

In addition, the formula contains yucca extract for a strong digestion, seaweed for all the mineral requirements, cranberry for a healthy urinary tract, prebiotic MOS for healthy intestines, garlic for a healthy heart, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for healthy bones and teeth and glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints. NO GMO (No Genetically Modified Ingredients).

We use only quality ingredients to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat and nutrients. We never use by-products, corn, soya, wheat and gluten, tallow or dairy. High quality ingredients eliminate the need for unnecessary preservatives and additives.

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