Chicken and Brown Rice

Certified holistic British pet food with all natural ingredients to provide the best start for your puppy. Specially formulated to make your puppy smarter and stronger.

Puppies at this stage have a high energy requirement, which is approximately twice that of an adult dog of the same size during their first four to six months. Keeping this in mind, Kannis Labs has created a special formula for puppies to promote a strong immune system, internal organ growth, healthy bones and joints, strong teeth, muscle development, healthy skin and shiny coat, cognitive development and brain growth. Kannis Holistic Puppy provides protein from excellent sources that are ideal for puppies, such as chicken. We use only quality ingredients to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat and nutrients for puppies and lactating bitches. We never use by-products. High quality hypoallergenic ingredients eliminate the need for unnecessary preservatives and additives.

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