Welcome to Kannis Pet Foods ! If you are looking for a super premium quality of British Pet Food for your Pet , you've come to the right place.

Please browse our complete Kannis Product Range which come in all variety Fish , Lamb and Chicken where Animal Source Protein meal is the first Ingredient. Also get custom recommendation of each pet food range and seehow it will benefit your dog in keeping it healthy.

We are just not a Dog Food Sales Company but a company which cares about pets and their health. This website has sections like " Online Vet Advice " which will offer any personalised advice to registered users. Also a section on "Understanding Pet Food Labelling" which will guide a pet food consumer on "How to read labels" so that he can decide as to which pet food to go for.
About Kannis Pet Food
What makes Kannis Unique !
First Ingredient as Animal Protein Meat Meal
Our first ingredient is a meat meal animal protein ie. Fish , chicken or Lamb. The First Ingredient is the major constituent of any pet food , it also holds the maximum percentage as per the labelling law.

Each ingredient of Kannis Pet Food is carefully selected for optimal impact on health and vitality , growth , desease resistenced to give the best possible growth for your pet.

All the ingredients hold an important part for Kannis pet foods as they have been carefully selected after several years of scientific research to make the best possible combination of Pet Food.

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  Our philosophy
First Ingredient as Animal Meat Meal Protien.
Animal meat ingerdient as Meat meal , not fresh chicken where maximum constituent is water.
We dont encourage or get involved in Animal Testing.
All our Products have the best possible
ingredients available.
Best possible combination of the ingredients.
Stricltly no cheap fillers and by- products.
  Product Key Features
First Key Ingredient as Animal Source meal protein.
No corn, soya, beef, pork, wheat, dairy, gluten or tallow.
No by – products.
No beet pulp.
No artificial preservatives BHA , BHT or
No artificial flavours and colourings.
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